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Dear Friends,

Ghaziabad is one of the biggest Industrial Towns of UP and it is rather unorgainsed and scattered in different localities and there is hardly any thing in common to link the entire district.

You must be living in Ghaziabad for long or Might have an established business in Ghaziabad but, have you ever thought- If any one out side your circle wants to locate, your business, address or your business details or phone number etc can he locate you ? On the basis of my experience I feel, it is practically impossible in Ghaziabad.

The reason for this is just the un availability of a source of information in a compiled or consized form that is tgere us just the absence of a directory or website dedicated to Ghaziabad which could provide all needed information to everyone. The result of this is that, in spite of having a flourishing business we all are an unknown business entity in the Global Village. (Entire world is considered to be a Global Village today.)

As an answer to all these questions, we are bringing out a long needed Business Directory of Ghaziabad supported with website www.theghaziabad.com which will make you fully visible not only to entire community of Ghaziabad but as well as to the entire world.

By getting listed in the Ghaziabad Business Directory and or on most informative website of Ghaziabad you will find your business will start prospering and you will start getting more new clients. Your business will now not be restricted to Ghaziabad only but you will become a global business house.

With the Ghaziabad Business Directory and an informative website of Ghaziabad available, any one can find obtain all  needed important information and can find and locate all important establishment and  others in business.. 

To make this project a success we are not hesitant to tell you that our promoters are in the business of publishing directories since 1994. 

This is just a small step towards linking the entire district in one thread by providing all needed information of district at one place.

We need your cooperation to make this mammoth task a success.